Top Sleep Apnea Machine Cost Rates - Sleep apnea machine cost will be available on various rates. It will depend on which product brand you choose. As we know, sleep apnea is kind of sleep disorder that will cause snoring problem. To diagnose this health problem, you need to sleep in the lab. Then, the doctor will diagnose whether you have sleep apnea.

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Nowadays, you can easily treat your sleep disorder in order to reduce and heal your snoring problems. There is sleep apnea machine marketed widely. This machine will help you to treat air pressure produced by your nose. Most of people use it as therapy machine. So, if you wonder about this machine description and also its cost, you have to read this article. You will find the best answer of it.

How Sleep Apnea Machine Works?

One of Sleep Apnea machines is actually called as PAP (Positive Airway Pressure). It consists of nasal pillows or small mask over the part of people’s nose and mouth. It will blow the compressed air into your lungs. Then, you also need to know that this machine is similar to what doctors use to treat their patients. Usually, they will use DME (Durable Medical Equipment). But, this kind of doctor therapy will take more costs than PAP machine. So, it will be better for you to have your own PAP machine at home, right?

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Sleep Apnea Machine Cost Rates

In order to help you finding out its cost, here are several kinds of machine with its cost rates.

Auto PAP
This is the first machine for your sleep apnea problem. Many people say that Auto PAP is the most comfortable one to use. It will help you adjust the air pressure automatically during the night. It also lowers the air pressure in order to eliminate sleep apnea and hypopneas. For your information, this machine is very expensive.

Bi-Level PAP
This machine will control the air pressure of your lungs and mouth during the night. By using this tool, the air inhalation will be higher than exhalation process. But, there are some problems that people get when using it. They find difficulties to adjust high pressure of its machine. Behind this problem, Bi-Level PAP machine offers lower cost for you.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
Next, you can choose CPAP. This one is most common product used by sleep apnea patients. This machine helps people to deliver the pressure level to the airway. There will be also balanced pressure between exhalation and inhalation process. This machine consists of heated nose, humidifier, filter, and nasal or face mask. Meanwhile, this machine cost is typically rated on $1,500 till $3,500 without insurance. Its cost will depend on the machine features and model. Besides that, CPAP also offers you the health insurance. So, you don’t need to be worried when using this tool.

Finally, those are all the cost rates of sleep apnea therapy machines. You can choose one of the lists above according to your needs. Now, you don’t need to be confused to find out sleep apnea machine cost.

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