Sleep Apnea Symptoms In Women

SleepDisorderCure.netSleep Apnea Symptoms in women are quite common but a bit different from those suffering by men, said an expert of Sleep Foundation. Excessive sleepiness, difficulty breathing, and snoring are some of this sleeping disorder’s symptoms found in male sufferers. Women with Sleep Apnea will look healthy. That is why the symptoms of Sleep Apnea in women often cannot be diagnosed. Although it is more men than women who suffer from Sleep Apnea, this sleeping disorder affects female sufferers’ brain areas regulating decision making and moods. Very serious, don’t you think so?

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How Symptoms of Sleep Apnea are Different in Men and Women

Women with Sleep Apnea will tend to get depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Sometimes those symptoms are mistaken for hypertension, hypochondria, etc. Some female sufferers reported to have difficulty breathing and snoring like male sufferers, but those two are not really obvious. Experts say men tend to suffer twice as much as those to women, but Sleep Apnea in women can be dangerous. It can be deadly. The high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat caused by Sleep Apnea can add the chances to get stroke.

The symptoms of Sleep Apnea in women needed to detect earlier since they may lead to serious health problems. Once, sleep experts had a study. They had ninety four men and women to be tested. Fifty seven of them were healthy people and thirty-seven of them were just diagnosed for the very first time. Here are the experts’ ways in doing their study:

  • The volunteers were to breathe out when their mouth closed
  • The volunteers were to insert their right foot into very cold water for couple minutes.
  • The volunteers were to squeeze with a hand firmly

The result showed that women had more impairment in heart rates. It means that women seem to develop heart diseases more and they tend to adapt to daily physical tasks poorly. So, women having sleeping problems like this should go to their doctors and urge a quick handle. They need early handling or their organs and brain will get damaged. Besides going to their physicians or clinics, another way to deal with Sleep Apnea is use home remedies that can always be taken anytime.

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Home remedies to deal with Sleep Apnea

This herb has chemical compounds that are good for muscles and nerves. It is a kind of natural sedative that can give sleepiness feeling to the drinker. Women can use Chamomile Oil and Olive Oil to rub their neck several times a day. Women just have to add two spoons of chamomile into a glass of hot water and cover it right away. Before drinking, women can add honey after straining it. They have to drink this tea before sleeping every night.

This herb is also sedative. So, women with Sleep Apnea will be able to sleep and breathe better. All they have to do is to mix a cinnamon stick and grated ginger in a glass of hot water. Add some honey and drink it before sleeping at night. Women also can use cinnamon powder to make tea and drink it once a day. This powder can also be combined with water to rub their chest and forehand every day.

Women having Sleep Apnea don’t have to worry too much about it as long as they are aware of having to always consult any sleeping problems with some symptoms mentioned before. It is great if you especially women can get inspired by this article about Sleep Apnea Symptoms in women to live your life healthily.

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