Sleep Apnea Death Rate - Sleep apnea death rate seems too scary and frightening for every patient of sleep apnea. There are some sleep apnea cases causing the death. Sleep apnea usually attacks you and patients when you are sleeping. It is almost like a heart attack disease. What is actually sleep apnea? How is the serious effect of sleep apnea related to the death cases?

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder in which the respiration is often stopped during sleeping. As a consequence, body organs especially brain have insufficient oxygen supply. It surely affects the sleeping quality getting worst making you feel week in the next morning. There are two common types of sleep apnea. Those are obstructive sleep apnea, the most common one, is caused by the blockage on the respiration channel. Meanwhile, central sleep apnea is not caused by blockage of respiration channel but it is influenced due to not stable breathing control. It makes the brain failed to give signals to muscles for breathing.

Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive and central sleep apnea diseases have different risk factors and causes. For obstructive sleep apnea, it happens to the back-throat muscle releasing, and narrowing respiration. It is able to reduce the oxygen to the body. This condition is realized by brain so that it is waking you up from the sleeping to open respiration. Meanwhile, for central sleep apnea, patients’ brain is failed to send signal to smooth muscles breathing. This makes muscles not breathe for certain period of times.

Sleep apnea death rate becomes the scariest and worst condition to face. Though it looks scary, most of the people don’t know and understand the dangers of this disease. It is better to reveal several risk factors for sleep apnea. This disease is mostly attacking men with overweight and over 40 years old. The people having big neck line over 43 cm, big tongue, and small throat are riskily suffering this disease. The consumption of alcohol and smoking take a deal with this disease. Be careful on those risk factors.

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Is Sleep Apnea Causing Death?

Sleep apnea is often neglected as a deadly disease. The people focus more on cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. But, have you ever known that sleep apnea may cause death? Sleep apnea is different from heart attack. This is a kind of respiration disorder or breathing stop when you are sleeping. It is not something good. It is able to not make you sleep loudly and get you weak and tired in the next morning. It is able to increase the blood pressure and heart attack risks. When sleep apnea is not handled medically, it is very dangerous for your life. It is increasing the death cases due to sleep apnea.

Applying medical treatments by doctors for sleep apnea is able to give positive results for the progressive condition of patients. The medical treatments mostly involve oxygen supply through face mask to stimulate the respiration and breathing process. If you suffer sleep apnea, it is better to consult to doctor. Unhanded properly, sleep apnea could causing sudden death. If it is cured, the death rate of sleep apnea is reducing significantly. Let’s decrease sleep apnea death rate.

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