Proven Sleep Apnea Therapy - Sleep apnea is not comfortable for anyone who suffers from it, but the great news is that proven sleep apnea therapy is already out there. The term sleep apnea refers to the disturbance of breathing due to the walls of the throat that relaxes and constricts when a person is asleep. During sleep, the throat muscles become relaxed. Usually, this relaxation of the throat muscles does not have an effect to most people, but for those who suffer sleep apnea, the muscles become too relaxed that it causes constriction or even closes the airway.

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Changing Lifestyle as a Therapy for Sleep Apnea

The sleep apnea disorder is long-term and probably needs lifetime care. A change in lifestyle and the use of a breathing apparatus during sleep are some therapy techniques that can be done.

A healthy lifestyle is recommended for those who suffer from sleep apnea. First of all, they should avoid consumption of relaxing medication and sleep pills. If the person who has sleep apnea condition is also overweight, then they should work on losing weight until they are in the normal range. During sleep, they should also avoid supine position. It is best if they sleep on their sides. Smoking should be stopped for those who have a habit of smoking. Other than that, consumption of alcohol should also be limited, especially near bedtime.

Devices for Sleep Apnea Therapy

Besides making changes to their lifestyle, those who suffer from sleep apnea may also want to resort to devices for their sleep apnea therapy. One of the devices that they can use is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), which blows air with positive pressure to either the nose only or to both the nose and the mouth. This positive pressure will avoid the throat to close and alleviate any symptoms that rise because of sleep apnea. However, using CPAP has side effects that should be considered. The side effects include nasal congestion, watery or irritated nose, headache, earache, and stomach ache or bloated stomach. If the patient using CPAP feels uncomfortable or is bothered by any of the mentioned side effects, they should tell their doctor immediately so that adjustments can be made to suit the patient’s level of comfort.

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Another device that can be used for sleep apnea therapy is the Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). This device is designed to hold the jaw and tongue to avoid constriction of the airway that can cause a person to snore. It is used above the teeth during sleep.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and using devices should suffice for sleep apnea therapy, but worse cases may call for a need for surgery. There are various types of surgeries that can be done to cure sleep apnea, which includes bariatric surgery, tracheostomy, tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy. The type of surgery that is done to patients depends on what is causing their sleep apnea, which varies from one patient to another. However, it is to be kept in mind that surgery should only be done in severe cases and that patients should consult with their doctor regarding which is the best proven sleep apnea therapy for them.

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