Is Sleep Apnea Hereditary - Those who suffer from sleep apnea must wonder, “Is sleep apnea hereditary?”. It can be either to find out whether or not they got their sleep apnea condition from their family members, or to find out whether or not there is a chance of them passing sleep apnea on to their offsprings. Whatever the reason may be, the answer is that there is a strong possibility that the condition is indeed hereditary.

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In a lot of ways, sleep apnea knows no discrimination and thus there are a lot people that may suffer from sleep apnea at any point of their lives. People of any gender and age can develop the condition of sleep apnea, which leaves no question as to why it is the most commonly known sleeping disorder. It is important to first understand why and how sleep apnea occurs, even though it can be for a variety of reasons. Blocked airways cause interruption during sleep and this results with sleep apnea. The collapse of the soft tissue in the posterior part of the throat during breathing is what usually causes it to happen. Therefore, a person suffering from sleep apnea will stop breathing repeatedly during sleep, it can be even up to hundreds of times even though they might not be aware that it is happening.

Knowing the factors mentioned above, it is easy to understand why overweight people have a higher risk of developing the sleep apnea condition. In addition to those factors, there is a strong suggestion that sleep apnea may be due to genetics.

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The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Genetics

As blocked airways remain as the primary cause for sleep apnea, the physical traits that a person shares with members of their family such as the shape of the skull or their face contributes to the risk of developing sleep apnea. Strictly speaking, similar to how a person may look alike with their relatives, there is a good chance of them sharing pretty much the same facial structures which leads to them having a higher probability of having sleep apnea. There is already research out there that claims about 25 to 40 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea happens to also have relatives who suffer from the condition as well.

Seeking Advice for Sleep Apnea

If there is a member of your family that has sleep apnea, it is best for you to be proactive and try to explore whether or not you are at a risk of developing the same condition. If you do, you can continue and try to seek for treatment. You can start from researching more about the condition on the internet. From there you will learn about the signs and symptoms of the condition. If it doesn’t satisfy you enough, then you can be even safer and go to the doctor yourself to consult on the probabilities of yourself having sleep apnea. After all, it is better to know is sleep apnea hereditary and be able to treat it as early as possible before it gets worse.

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