How to Handle Sleep Apnea in Toddlers - The Sleep Apnea in toddlers is commonly caused by adenoids and enlarged tonsils. These problems actually can be corrected by operations to remove the tonsils and adenoid, wearing breathing devices, and using CPAP. Let’s talk about it more deeply.

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Toddlers are normal to snore. When they snore you don’t have to worry about it. All you need to worry is when your toddlers do mouth breathing almost all the time, night and day. When your toddler sleeps restlessly, sweats, coughs and chokes too much when sleeping, obviously you need to go to a pediatrician. Take a look at other signs of Sleep Apnea in children below:
  • Being irritated, frustrated, and cranky all the time
  • Falling asleep at a weird time
  • Being weak and tired

Like to adults, lacking sleep to toddlers can be very dangerous. Their behavior, growth, and learning will be disturbed. Health problems, such as high blood pressure, lung problems, and heart problems will appear. The hormone for growing that is released during the sleeping time at night will surely be missed if toddlers don’t get enough sleep. The result is slow growth in him or her. Like mentioned before, what the parents can do is make their toddler wear CPAP mask to keep the airway open.

When he or she sleeps, the blowing air through the mask into the nose will happen with CPAP. However, most people choose surgery for their toddler with Sleep Apnea.  This is because many toddlers don’t want to wear the mask when they sleep. If you insist your toddler to wear the mask, you will have to make him or her at least wear it for three hours. You will absolutely wait for him or her sleep for at least three hours and remove the mask.

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This is a great way to remove enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Most surgeries are successful healed these sleeping disorders. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common to handle with surgery. Sadly, not all toddlers can undergo this kind of treatment. Obesity in toddlers may be one of the factors that can prevent him or her from the necessity of undergoing surgery.

Can we also use another way of treating Sleep Apnea in toddlers? 

Yes, we can use home remedies. Here are the things to consider treating this kind of sleeping problem.

Add honey into warm water and stir them well. make your toddler drink it every night.

Honey and Lemon Juice
Mix them together with water. Drink the mixture in the morning before having breakfast.

Cinnamon, ginger, and honey.
Mix the powder of cinnamon, grated ginger and honey in a hot water. Make your toddler drink it right before sleeping at night. Do it every night.

Grate three cloves of garlic. Add it with hot water and make your toddler drink it every morning. You also can use powder of garlic.

Mix powder of turmeric, honey, and milk.
These three are great in dealing with Sleep Apnea. Just mix turmeric and milk then boil them. Stir the mixture well. Let the mixture be a bit colder and then add some honey. Make your toddler drink it thirty minutes before he or she sleeps at night.

Wow, it is interesting when we talk about sleeping problems in toddlers, right? We need to alert of any sign mentioned before of the Sleep Apnea in small children. It is hoped that the article about Sleep Apnea in toddlers can help parents more aware of the signs and the ways to cure it.

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