How to Define Sleep Apnea - Define sleep apnea will be the informative discussion for us. Sleep apnea is actually common problem that people face. It will cause snoring problem during night when they sleep. It also makes people stop and start breathing repeatedly during sleep.

For your information, this sleep problem is also added by loud snoring, sleepiness, and restless sleep. So, you can imagine how very annoying it is. Well, if you want to get more information about this sleep disorder, keep reading below! This article will discuss about it on detail.

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Sleep Apnea Definition

Sleep apnea is kind of snoring problem that causes involuntary stop in breathing. There will be blocked air pressure when you sleep. Besides that, you can also get signal problem on the center brain. So, the patient of sleep apnea will suddenly stop breathing during sleep.

How this condition described? Well, when receiving the signal of breathing, they will snort and also take a breath deeply. Even, they can be awaken following by any sensation such as smothering, gasping, and choking.

How to Diagnose Sleep Apnea?

This sleep disorder is easily to diagnose. It only needs sleep study overnight in the lab. Then, what will happen if you don’t treat it? Sleep apnea will take you to the serious problem. You can get depression and heart disease. Besides that, it can cause vehicle accidents because of drowsy driving. Even, it can cause death for people who cannot heal this snoring problem as well.

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What Can Cause Sleep Apnea?

There are many factors of sleep apnea. Those factors are divided on various kinds. Well, here are some factors of sleep apnea:

The changes of your muscular- For your information, actually muscles will keep your airway open on the tongue part while you sleep. So, it will cause the narrow airway. On normal condition, its relaxation process will not prevent the air flow in your lungs.

The physical obstructions- what is physical obstruction? Well, it is the condition when the thickened tissue added around the airway. It can also happen when excessive fat surrounds its area. This condition will restrict the flow of air. Besides that, the squeezed air will cause snoring problem. You may snore loudly during the night.

Abnormal brain function- this is the common factor of sleep apnea. For your information, there is the neurological on your brain that controls breathing. In abnormal condition, it will get malfunction on controlling your breath and air rhythm. So, how actually brain influences sleep apnea?

Well, when the airway blocked completely, you will stop snoring. There will be no breathing about 10 till 20 seconds until your brain sends the signal. This moment is called “apnea”. After that, your muscles will be tighten and return the airflow back. Moreover, some people will feel unconscious when they get this moment. That’s why you have to diagnose your sleep problem before finding any serious health complication.

Besides that, most of people with sleep apnea will get heart failure or stroke. On the recent research, this sleep problem can also cause high pain on the lungs. So, those are all discussions on define sleep apnea.

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