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SleepDisorderCure.net - There are several things to do if you want to do home remedies for sleep apnea. The remedies are not a medicine, but it is a form of habit that will affect the frequency of sleep apnea symptoms. Two important things to do to cure your sleep apnea are lifestyle changes and sleeping habit changes. By doing those two, there are possibilities that your sleep apnea symptoms will be reduced, or even completely gone. So here are the things you should do to cure your sleep apnea.

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Change your lifestyle to a better one

An overweight person who suffer from sleep apnea should do weight loss program. The nutrient intake can lead to a better health and could remove the sleep apnea symptoms so you should go to the nearest health centers and get a counseling.  

Alcohol and too many medicine are not good for your health, especially if you are suffering from sleep apnea. Excessive amounts of alcohol or taking certain medicines such as sedatives and sleeping pills may increase your sleep apnea symptoms. Get more sleep instead to reduce the symptoms.

Nicotine in cigarettes will affect the muscles that control the airflow, making you vulnerable to sleep apnea. It is wise to avoid smoking if you have sleep apnea symptoms. You should also be sensitive if a problem on your breathing system occurs. Immediately ask the nearest medical instance when you are having a sudden cold or allergies.

People that suffer from sleep apnea often times have their lower legs and ankles full of fluid. This can be cured by wearing compression stockings throughout the day. The massive amount of fluid in the legs will lead to nose and breathing problems, so you should wear one.

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Change another habit of yours: sleeping

Sleeping with your side is a good way to avoid sleep apnea symptoms. There are many ways on the internet to help you sleep with your side. So you should find one that suits you best and easy to do. Raising the head of your bed also can lower the sleep apnea symptoms. Put bricks on the head area until it reaches 6 inches. Special pillow or cervical pillow is also available if you don’t want to raise the bed. Those tricks will let your head stay in one position and reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

It is also recommended to use CPAP machine continuously since stopping the use of it may lead you to experience another sleep apnea symptoms. Your doctor may suggest you to use a breathing device during your sleep time. It is a tool that will be put on your mouth, reducing sleep apnea symptoms. If the drowsiness during the day is getting worse, you should go immediately to the nearest medical instance.

Most of the lifestyle and sleeping habit mentioned above are easy to do so you shouldn’t be worry about your sleep apnea. If you doing it correctly and regularly, it is possible to minimize the sleep apnea until it is completely gone. Go try one of the above home remedies for sleep apnea so you could see the result.

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