Central Sleep Apnea Symptoms

SleepDisorderCure.net - Central Sleep Apnea Symptoms are various. Mood changes and having difficulty concentrating are two of them. Anything disturbing our sleeping regularly must create serious health problems. So, we need to know about these symptoms. Before we talk more and more about this, let’s review what exactly Central Sleep Apnea is.

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Central Sleep Apnea is a condition when our brain doesn’t send signals to the muscles controlling breathing temporarily. It often happens to people with brainstem problems. You know that the brainstem is a part in our brain to control breathing, right? Check other symptoms of Central Sleep Apnea below

More symptoms of Central Sleep Apnea:

  • Having abnormal patterns of breathing when sleeping
  • Snoring too much
  • Feeling pain in chest at night
  • Having Insomnia
  • Having short of breath
  • Waking up abruptly with shortness of breath
  • Morning headache
  • Feeling very sleepy at daytimes
Those symptoms must make the sufferers of Central Sleep Apnea live their days restlessly. Who are more risky to have this health problem?

  • Men
  • Those at age 65 and older
  • Those under Opioid Medication
  • Those having heart problems
  • Those with brain tumor and stroke

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Central Sleep Apnea can lead to a serious health problems like Fatigue and problems of cardiovascular. Sleeping is a resting activity for our mind, soul and body of course the sufferers will often feel very tired and irritated, also very sleepy at daytimes. The sufferers’ working performance will be terrible since they have difficulty concentrating. When the Central Sleep Apnea happens, the blood oxygen levels will drop suddenly. So surely this will affect the heart health. If you have the symptoms mentioned before, you absolutely need to see your physician. No, not only the symptoms mentioned before, any kinds of sleeping disorders need to be discussed and checked by your physicians. Furthermore, it is not only risky people that can suffer from Central Sleep Apnea. It can happen to anyone living their life unhealthily as well. Is it possible to prevent this kind of sleeping disorder naturally? Yes, of course.

What we can do to prevent Central Sleep Apnea:

  • Make sure we have an ideally healthy weight. It is good to consult the experts about how to have a healthy and ideal weight. This includes what and how much we have to eat. The expert will surely inform what weight is ideal and healthy for your height.
  • In your bedroom, you need to humidify it. There is a humidifier available that can help you have more air to breathe. People with Sinuses will be happy about it. Before sleeping, it is also suggested to rub your chest with Eucalyptus Oils that will soothe blocked nose and throat. Before sleeping you also have to choose the position of your sleeping. Sleep on your side with a pillow that can keep your head raised.
  • Exercise regularly plays an important role in preventing us to have this kind of sleeping problem. Weight training and high intensity cardiovascular exercises are the best for those suffering from Central Sleep Apnea.

So, what do you think? Are you informed enough by reading this article? It is great if the article about Central Sleep Apnea Symptoms can make you, especially the sufferers, be well-informed and use it as your guidance to deal with Central Sleep Apnea.

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