Can You Die From Sleep Apnea - Can you die from Sleep Apnea? Judging from the fact that the airflow will stop and the level of oxygen in blood will drop when the Sleep Apnea happens, the sufferers may die. Let’s talk more and more about this. Logically Sleep Apnea may cause death, so you need to be very careful in checking the way you sleep. Ask your spouse about it. Ask your spouse if you snore hard and bothers your spouse’s sleeping time. If you are single it is best if you sometimes video tape the way you sleep. Take a look at the symptoms of Sleep Apnea below that you have to alert.

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The signs of Sleep Apnea

You probably suffer from Sleep Apnea, if you:

  • Snore every night
  • Choke, gasp, and snort when sleeping
  • Have pauses when breathing
  • Feel very tired and sleepy at daytime
  • Feel short of breath when you wake up at night
  • Have dry mouth and sore throat after waking up
  • Have Insomnia
  • Get headache in the morning
  • Have difficulty concentrating and become forgetful

If you realize that you have those symptoms so that is the time for you to consult to your doctor or you will suffer from serious health problems caused by Sleep Apnea, such as:

  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight-gain
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes Type 2

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Undoubtedly, those five health problems can be deadly. Not to mention the car accident that may happen to anyone who cannot control their sleepiness caused by Sleep Apnea. So, don’t ever underestimate your sleeping problems. Normal people have to sleep at least 8 hours in order to stay healthy, remember? So, if your sleeping is interrupted, you’ll be unwell. So, go to your physician right away. If you are declared to have Sleep Apnea, your doctor will recommend using a machine called CPAP completed with a mask for helping you breathe. If your breath becomes better, your sleeping will be better as well. This mask is used when the sufferers sleep. Besides the mask, your doctor may also recommend surgeries, and the using of nerve stimulator to make your airways always open properly. When it comes to the decision you have to make, don’t forget to always involve your family and ask the doctor about the pluses and minuses of the decision you make. If you finally choose to wear the mask, you will have to get used to wearing it. Here are the ways to ease you with the gear:
  • Have enough information about the gear. There are nasal masks, full masks, and nasal pillow mask that is fitted under your nose.
  • Try one by one in order to feel great about your gear on your face area so you will have a good sleep.
Having activities like exercising at night surely will help you feel tired and sleepy as well. So, do it. However, all the things you do and choose should be under your doctor’s supervision. It is hoped that the article about can you die from Sleep Apnea can help the sufferers, too.

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