What Causes Snoring

What Causes Snoring
SleepDisorderCure.net - Many people don’t know about what causes snoring and the bad impacts to other people and themselves’ health. To know about the causes and facts about snoring, some information below may help.

Just like other sounds production, snoring is affected by vibrations that making the air particles forming the waves of sounds. For instance, the vibrating vocal cords form voices when we speak, or the vibration of intestines and stomach for the moving food and air causes stomach growls.

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The turbulent airflow occurred when we sleep can affect the vibration of palate tissues and throat, that is why the sounds of snoring produced. It means that the tissues vibrations for turbulent airflows during sleep will result snoring.

The Facts about Snoring

There are some facts about snoring that should be known by all of us, such as:
  • What causes snoring is the tissues among the airways of throat and nose that are vibrating.
  • The tissues vibrations are affected by blustery airflow the airways that are narrowed.
  • The sleep position, sleep stage, as well as the alcohol and medications consumption can also be the factors of snoring.
  • Someone who is snoring while sleeping may become a problem for his/ her family members, especially the sleeping partners.
  • Snoring can also be a sign of fundamental medical problem.
  • The snoring problem can be treated with nonsurgical and surgical.

The Intensity of Snoring

Snoring can be a problem of anyone and what causes snoring can be in varied. It is often reported that those who don’t snore regularly are reported for snoring after they suffer viral illness, taking medications or after consuming alcohol. Any type of body is also possible to snore; not only men with large and thick neck, but also women who have smaller necks, they can snore loudly too. Generally, people who get older and having higher body weight will have worse snoring.

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The Causes of Snoring

In the breathing process, the air flows steadily with in and out streams among the nose or mouth and the lungs. Some different sounds may be produced when we are breathing and sitting silently. Meanwhile, the sounds of breathe are more quickly produced when we exercise. It is caused by the faster moves of air in and out of the mouth and nose.

Information above is the facts that led to the emergence of sleep with snoring. But keep in mind also some tips that will relieve sleep complaints a person, such as by aromatherapy, the consumption of vitamins and yoga exercises will eliminate snoring sleep.

As the relaxing muscles when you are asleep, sometimes the back of throat area is narrowing or even closed for a while. Because of the amount of air that pass through the area is same, the smaller opening make the air passing faster and then make the surrounding tissues vibrating and produce snoring sounds. The factors for narrowing passages may be different in each person who is snoring while asleep. The narrowed passages may be in the mouth, nose or throat. The worse condition may occur in those who is palatal snoring, especially when they breathe through their mouth or when they have obstruction of nasal. When the snoring problem has been very annoying, it is recommended to see your doctor to find what causes snoring in you and then get the best solution.   

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