Mild Sleep Apnea

Mild Sleep Apnea - Mild sleep apnea is one of common sleep disorder that we can found today. The funniest thing is many people that have this problem don’t realize that they have it. And, that’s reasonable because this sleep disorder isn’t quite disturbing. As the name implies, this is one of the type of sleep apnea in its mild level. Because of this condition as well, the occurrence of this problem isn’t as frequent as the severe type. Therefore, people that have it are difficult to detect it. But, like its name, this mild version of sleep apnea is still a sleep disorder. You need to detect it and know the symptoms. In the end, you need to cure it.

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Mild Sleep Apnea Definition

Sleep apnea itself is the condition when your breathing process is disturbed by one and many other factors. It can be liquid or other condition inside your respiration system. The severity level of this condition is divided into three categories, which are mild, moderate and severe. And each of them is decided by using how many times the breathing process disturbed when you are sleeping. The mild one is the less occur.

The other thing that you also need to know is the “apnea” word itself. The “apnea” word came from Greek word. This word means stop breathing, which is described the condition in sleep apnea. So, literally, we can say that sleep apnea is the condition where you stop breathing while you are asleep.

For sleep apnea that can be categorized as mildest one, there is one condition. The sleep disorder only occurs around 5 to 15 times per hour. We got it from American Academy of Sleep Medicine data. As for other type, the moderate sleep apnea occurs around 15 to 30 times per hour. And if it’s more than 30 times per hour, it can be categorized into severe sleep apnea.

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The Symptoms

The easiest method to find out that you have mild sleep apnea is using sleep test. However, if you haven’t taken the test, there is also other way to know, if you have it or not. You can see from the simple symptoms that usually happen while you are sleeping. Of course, it’s difficult to see it yourself, expect you record it. But, you can ask your couple or friend.

The simple symptoms that can be used to find out are the snore. If you are snoring while you are sleeping, there is high possibility you have sleep apnea. The snoring type that can be considered as sleep apnea symptoms is different as well. The snore must be loud enough to wake up your loved one beside you.

When you feel tired, fatigue and sleep at noon, there is also possibility that you have sleep apnea. Even though the mild one doesn’t disturb you that much, but still, this is disturbance. Your body won’t be able to reach deep sleep. And, that can cause fatigue and tiredness. Therefore, it’s important to know it. With that you can cure your mild sleep apnea.

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