How to Stop Someone from Snoring

How to Stop Someone from Snoring - Snoring is a common problem that could happen to anyone. If you think that you are a silent sleeper, you might be wrong since you do not know what happen during your sleep. However, it will be bad if you have to asleep with a snorer. It will be a loud night and you might stress yourself. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the trick that will help you to stop other people from snoring. It is obviously for the sake of that person’s health and also your own sleep quality. There is no need to feel sorry about that.

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Put Pillow

The first thing that you can do to stop your husband from snoring is adjusting the sleeping environment. You should make sure that your husband sleep comfortably. If he does not use the pillow, you should make sure to put pillow under his head. It is believed that raising head for about 4 inches will be helpful to let you breathe easier while sleeping. Besides, it can be helpful for the neck muscle so that your husband does not need neck pain when he awake. You can try to buy pillow which is especially made for snorer.

Stay Hydrated

Since the snoring can happen if the person’s air flow blocked, you just need to make sure that he does not block his own airflow. It can be done by hydrating the body for the whole day before sleep. It says that your body needs 16 cups of water in a day. Therefore, you should tell your husband to drink water a lot so he would not snore while sleeping. If it does not work, you can try to purchase humidifier placed on the head of the bed. It will keep the air humid so that your husband would not get mucus blocked in his breathing system.

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Adjusting Sleeping Position

Snoring can also be stopped if you adjust the sleeping position. As we all know, almost all of snorer sleep on their back. It cause the breathing system to be blocked. Therefore, it is not recommended to sleep on your back. You can also get back pain if you sleep on your back. Here, you should try to adjust your husband’s position. You should lie on your side in order to get smooth airflow during sleep. There is no doubt that his snoring habit will disappear into thin air once you did it well.

Last but not least, you can consider a separate room if the snoring habit is too worst. However, you cannot just leave it as you want. You should explain the condition to him so that he will understand. If you do not want to sleep separately, then you can try to take him to the doctor. Meeting the doctor will let your husband know that it is a serious matter to you. You can tell him to follow the doctor orders so that his snoring can be stopped. Once the snoring is stopped, you will realize that you will sleep comfortably.

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