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Help to Sleep - Many people need help to sleep better. The National Sleep Foundation suggests the best sleep time at night should be 7-9 hours. But most Americans only sleep about six hours per night. There are kinds of factors affecting this; from too many schedules to sleeping disorders. If you are one of them who get difficulties to sleep well every night, don’t be too fast taking over the counter drugs. Some home remedies might work well to help you sleep better. They will be safer and get fewer side effects rather than the medical treatments. Not only improve your sleep, the home remedies below may also promote relaxation in your muscles.
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Calcium and Magnesium
Calcium and magnesium can become great sleep boosters for you and they will be more effective if you take them together. Besides, magnesium will also help preventing heart problems. Take 600 milligrams of calcium and 200 milligrams of magnesium (take lower dose if you experience diarrhea) every night to get better sleep.

Wild Lettuce
Wild lettuce is more commonly used as home remedy for headaches, anxiety, joint or muscle pain. For those who suffer restlessness for anxiety or suffering restless legs syndrome. Wild lettuce can become a great natural remedy. Take 30-120 mg of lettuce supplement before bed time to have better sleep.

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The female flowers of hops are commonly used as ingredient to make beer. So those who love beer must know about the hops’ calming effect. Hops are also most commonly used for insomnia and anxiety treatment. But it will also be effective to help to sleep better. Take 30 – 120 milligrams of hops before sleep.

Aromatherapy like lavender has been proven for the effectiveness as sleeping aids. You also can feel the peaceful slumber in nontoxic and cheap way. Spray some natural lavender aromatherapy onto your pillow before sleep and feel a better sleep time.

Melatonin is sleep controlling hormone and that is why it can induce sleep naturally. Take melatonin in lower dose to make it works more effectively. Don’t take it in to high dose or it will become toxic, raise infertility or depression risk. Consume 0.3 – 0.5 milligrams of melatonin before bedtime.

You also can have better sleep times by doing meditation or stretching like yoga. It will energize your body well so you can have better sleeps at nights. Do some simple yoga stretches and meditation before bedtime. Meditate by closing your eyes about 5-10 minutes, focus to breathe well and feel the positive effects.

L-Theanine is an amino acid contained in green tea. It will be effective to maintain calmness both days and nights. Yet, consuming green tea before bedtime will make you awaken to go to bathroom in the middle of night. Besides, the amount of L-theanine isn’t enough to make you sleep better. Just take L-theanine supplement like Suntheanine about 50 – 200 milligrams to get the amino acid sufficiently and better sleep at nights.

Valerian is most commonly used to help to sleep of insomnia sufferers. It will work to improve deep sleep, improve sleep quality and speed to fall asleep. It will be more effective if you consume it in a longer period. Yet, a research found that 10% of participants who consumed valerian felt more energized and keep awake. Then you should consume it in the day time. If you are not, take 200 -800 milligrams of valerian to help to sleep better.

The information above is useful info to relieve sleep problems suffered by a person, but keep in mind, it is also necessary to know causes from physiological perspectives of snoring.

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